Nicole (ihartpunkboyz) wrote in conancapsdaily,

W x E x L x C x O x M x E

Welcome to Conan Caps Daily. Everday I will post screen caps from the episode of Late Night with Conan O'Brien from the night before.

if you want to join the community, you have to SEND ME A REQUEST, don't bother with a comment saying you want to join because I'm disabling comments cause a few fuckwits abuse them. By the way, I have a life and do NOT post 100's of caps per episode, so if I miss something, don't complain. I do the best I can. Also, you can't see any of the entries if you don't join. you guys can post whatever you want. i'd like it if there were pictures in the entries, but put them behind a cut. :)

and while you're at it, sign the petition Bring Back "Late Night" to ComedyCentral
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